Glamour Girl (and Guys!) Photoshop Action Set


Glamour Girl is the perfect toolkit for boudoir photographer and anyone who is looking for an AMAZING retouching set!



Glamour Girl is a robust retouching/cosmetic action set. It also contains quick edits and looks to finish off your image. They are designed to enhance boudoir images but don’t let the name fool ya….they work great in all genres.

Retouching Tools:
Airbrushed, Airbrushed II, Smoother, Skin Booster, Paint Those Cheeks, Highlight, Contour, Blotter, No More Red No More Orange, Even Tone, Eye Pop, Sharp as a Tack, Bright Eyed, Drama-EYE-tic, Paint Those Lids, Bags No More, Lip Pop, Paint Those Lips, Whiten and Brighten, Definer, Bye Bye Stray Hairs, Hair Brush

Edit Actions:
Easy Edit & BW, High Key, Low Key, Vintage, Bold, Soft

Check out the Guide for more information and examples:


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