The Essentials Collection Lightroom Presets


The Essentials contains 3 different collections to aid you in achieving any look that you desire in Lightroom.



The Brush Collection has 26 brushes to smooth skin, retouch, dodge/burn, sharpen, color pop, add haze, reduce reds, warm/cool, etc. All brushes have to capability to be used as a gradient instead.

The Quick Fix Collection contains presets that allow you to quickly adjust white balance, exposure, all adjustments, sharpening, noise reduction, vignettes, and add mattes. It is best to adjust white balance and exposure before applying the workflows and then coming back and tweak your individual adjustments, add sharpening, noise reduction, vignettes, and mattes. If you have an extremely noisy image “Noise Reduction” should help, but will soft the image, so make sure to use a sharpening preset with it.

The Workflow Collection contains a variety of workflow options for you to use in Lightroom. They are broken into 5 categories : Clean Edit, Rich Edit, Light and Airy, Creative Coloring, and Black & Whites. You can go from simple and clean to a deep rich edit or maybe a light matte. You can also try the creative coloring workflows for a more unique look to your image. Black and Whites range from classic to matte to hazy and more. Like the look, but the color is off? Some presets have split toning included, so if you find the coloring too strong, check the “Split Toning” panel and toggle it off to take off the effect.


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